Research &

Nowadays, competitiveness internationally and especially in Europe, makes the constant search of new products a necessity. For that reason, the key pillar of our business is research and development.

The goal of that research is continuous improvement of the products’ quality in accordance with the price of production and disposal.

The main area of our expertise is working with plastic, metal and laminated foam.


The stages which an idea goes through to become the final product are four:

  • Conception
  • Making of prototype
  • Making of matrix (mold)
  • Incorporation into the production process Functionality


These four stages are most effective then they meet the principles of:

  • Functionality
  • Aesthetics
  • Comparability
  • Price

comparable advantage

In our business, design constitutes our comparable advantage. We have a pioneering team and the mechanical equipment necessary for the creation of prototypes and products, as well as the creation of molds.

Lastly, in our best interest is the principle of cooperation, regarding both our suppliers and our customers.

Our suppliers are also our colleagues, competitors, coworkers and our customers are our coworkers, co-creators and partners.