Our company and
its history

There are more than 60 years of history behind our company, as it was founded in the 1950’s, under the brand name “Lion”.

Since then, it has been manufacturing and supplying, initially the Greek and then the European and Global market of women’s lingerie, swimwear and the clothing industry in general, with innovative, plastic and metal accessories.

In the meanwhile, during the early 1980’s “Lion” creates a new range of products made of polyurethane foam (“FoamTech), becoming the first company in Europe that manufactures brassiere  cups, as well as products suitable for sports, medicine, orthopedics and many more fields.




The instigator and creator of the company “Lion”, was Leonidas Euthimiou (1927-2009). He started in a storeroom in his front yard, in Nea Smyrni, manufacturing metal suspender belts. Within a few years, after having created a huge range of accessories for women’s underwear and swimwear, he moved to a modern proprietary factory in Agios Dimitrios.



In 1982, Tassos Terzidis takes on L.Euthimiou’s work, having returned to Greece from his studies in Paris, where he finished his PhD and worked as a Chemist. Alongside to “Lion’s” development, he creates “FoamTech” and gives a touch of extroversion to both companies establishing them as exporting units.



Since 2012, a young man, Stathis Triantafyllidis (Industrial Designer), in partnership with Tassos Terzidis, continues the development of the two companies, introducing industrial design and 3D concept as an innovative method in the field. Thus, turning the analog method of manufacturing into a purely three-dimensional digital one.



In 2017, “Lion” and “FoamTech” merge, creating “Lion Design”, which has three major guiding principles:

  • Extroversion
  • Research and development as basic tools for the creation of innovative products
  • Continuous improvement of the production process, with persistence on quality.