AKTO Visit ’17

On Thursday March 11, students of the “Product & Design Innovation” department of the college AKTO, made an educational visit to our company. 

At first, the students were informed about our machines and the technology behind them. We discussed about all the ways industrial design has helped our production reach higher levels. For example, improving the management of time and materials – while at the same time reducing the time of production – without sacrificing quality for quantity. We also talked to the students about the process the design goes through, to finally become a product.

Then, we showed them the operation of Framis Italia’s heat-welding machines  and the different techniques you are able to use on their products.

Afterwards, we let the students see up-close the machines we use in our production department, many of which were made by us. At the CNC router machine they saw how the design turns into code, as well as how the machine operates.

Our company’s door is always open for people who have passion for learning. Colleges that are interested in what we do are welcome to contact us in order to schedule a date for their visit to our facilities.